Bid Responses
PLEASE NOTE: The following are responses to "Invitations To Bid" and are for information purposes only, and does NOT indicate an award. These responses are to bids that have been opened, but NOT BOARD APPROVED. This will hopefully allow information to bidders that could not attend the bid opening. The successful vendor will receive an official award notice via email after Board Approval.

The responses will remain on the web site for Sixty (60) days from opening date.

Click on the Bid Number to view and download responses in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Fire Alarm Testing/Inspection

HVAC Equipment Parts

Lawn Mower Blades

New Football Helmets, Shoulder Pads And Recondition Services

Lawn Equipment

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Fire Alarm Parts/Labor to Service Existing Equipment

Condenser Coils


Light Fixtures

Recycling And Disposal Services For Cell Phones, Tablets, Tablets, Computer Equipment And Related Equipment

AC Heat Pumps

Art/Construction/Writing Paper

Utility Vehicles


Roof Labor Contract

Pressure Washers


Window Unit Heat Pumps

Room Air Conditioners

Fencing Material and Contract Labor

Sewer Jetting Services


Drug and Alcohol Testing

Grease Trap Pumping

Building Materials

Ready Mixed Concrete

Cafeteria Eq. - Installed

Cafeteria Equipment - Non-Installed

New Canopy


Sewage Pumping Services